Plasma Solar Geysers are the next big leap in solar geyser design. This system is the first integrated geyser that combines the solar panel and the water tank into one lightweight system. The unit is easy to install, meaning that instead of a team involved in a lengthy installation, Plasma Solar Geysers can be installed by just two people in a few hours, saving time and installation costs by up to 60%.

What makes the Plasma Geyser unique?

  • It is the only integrated, non–metal geyser throughout the globe.
  • Locally manufactured, SABS approved. Made from innovative materials which makes it lightweight, hail resistant and shatterproof
  • It contains no metal parts therefore no need to worry about rust and corrosion which in turn will lead to water contamination
  • It is simple to install which saves time and results in minimum saving of 60% on the installation cost.
  • Fits easily onto any roof structure.
  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing design, these geysers are not big and bulky like the industry norm.
  • The geyser is modular, which means you can add additional Plasma panels to increase your capacity to 200l, 300l etc.
  • If you already have an electrical geyser, you can add on a Plasma Solar Geyser as a retrofit and save money, and also have hot water when Eskom has implemented load shedding.


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