Tips on how to save on your Water and Lights Bill.

  • Turn off non essential appliances such as microwaves,toasters fans and any appliances that have a standby mode as this can contribute up to 10% of your electricity bill.
  • When taking a break from your computer turn off/ or dim the screen 
  • Led or Downlights are cheaper to replace, last longer ,and save you money from month to month.
  • Connect a water timer to your sprinkler system and never forget to turn off the water ever again.
  • Ensure the geysers temperature has been adjusted to suit your household , and that it is insulated. 
  • turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Dimmer switches help regulate the light level and reduce electricity consumption (e.g. for recessed downlights).
  • Make the most of natural light entering the house.
  • Don’t let the hot water tap run whilst shaving or washing; rather fill the basin.
  • Don’t allow a hot water tap to drip; all you need to do is replace the rubber washer.
  • Match the size of the pot to the size of the stove plate/element.
  • Make sure that the bottom of a pot has good contact with the stove plate and is not warped or uneven in any way.
  • Make sure that the stove plates are kept clean.
  • Use cold water to fill the kettle.
  • If you are making one cup of tea/coffee, boil only enough water for one cup (don’t boil a full kettle unnecessarily).
  • Be sure that the dishwasher is full, but not overloaded, when you run it. Half loads cost you twice as much.
  • Instead of using the pre-rinse cycle, scrape food soil off plates and rinse briefly with cold water before placing in the dishwasher.
  • Swimming pool pumps use up to 20% of total electricity consumption in the home. Simply reduce the time interval for running the pump by up to two hours a day (e.g. 6 hours instead of 8 hours) in summer. Keep cutting back to establish the minimum amount of operating time required to keep the pool clean.


Action Approximate electricity saving (2008)
1. Adjust the thermostat setting on the geyser to 60oC R44.00
2. Insulate the geyser (geyser blanket) and hot water pipes and then adjust the geyser’s thermostat setting to 60oC R275.00
3. Shower instead of bathing (based on one shower or bath per person per day) R162.00
4. Fix one leaking hot water tap (leaking at one drop of 1ml every two seconds) R328.00
5. Don’t use the hot water tap for small amounts of cold water (based on four draws of 1 litre of water per day) R29.00
6. Fit a low-flow showerhead in the shower R110.00
7. Insulate the ceilings in your home R184.00
8. Use an electric blanket instead of a heater in the bedroom R26.00
9. Air-dry laundry outside (as opposed to using a 2kW tumble dryer for two hours each week) R72.00
10. Switch off the lights in just one room when it is not occupied R52.00
11. Use fluorescent lights in places that require long hours of light such as in the garage and kitchen R152.00
12. Regularly service the pool pump and clean the filter R470.00
TOTAL SAVING R1 904.00 p.a.

Source: Eskom brochure, 2008

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